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East Coast Coupon Clipping

East Coast Clipping is your personal Coupon Clipping service!

We have over thousands of coupons and More than
500 inserts to help you start saving
Money the way everyone should!
We fill all orders big and small
and have every insert you could ask for!

Coupons .99 or lower clipped for .05cents
Coupons Over $1 clipped for .10cents
Shipping for coupons is .85cents 

Inserts pulled for .45cents Plus Shipping.
Processing fee for inserts is $2 for delivered.
Any coupon order over $6 free shipping
Any pre-order not paid for by 9am saturday will be
cancelled and inserts will be given to others.
Please E-mail all orders to eastcoastcouponclipping@live.com

You can also find us on Facebook at :

Happy Couponing

*No refunds will be given, Credit only.

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